Make A Difference

Help us to break the cycle of abuse of people and animals. Survivors of abuse leave with nothing more than their children, pets and a few personal belongings. Paying for the kind of services we provide (boarding, care, special living spaces, special diets, extra socialization, vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery and emergency medical attention) is beyond their means. Our staff and volunteers freely give extra TLC to each one of these sweet animals who deserve and need special care.

We help to keep families and their pets together. Once a victim becomes a survivor, finding a living situation with their animals becomes another challenge. We created a guide to pet friendly rentals in San Diego and information on renting with companion animals. We give our animal survivors "New Beginning" gifts of food, treats, bedding, kennels and toys when they are reunited with their families. We can't do all of this alone -- we need your help! We rely on the generosity of private donors, grants, funding events, foster homes and volunteers to support our Animal Safehouse

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